NAKED releases records by exceptional independently spirited artists. Some will be well known and others will have a smaller cult following.

NAKED's co-founder Simon Parker, a former indie musician, music obsessive and life long record collector curates NAKED releases together with a motley crew of passionate, knowledgeable and trusted music junkies, many of whom are former professional musicians and all of whom are fanatical record collectors. Every single record has been curated for NAKED after great deliberation and passionate debate. 

Independent (or indie) music is extremely difficult to define. Many of the World's most respected indie artists are signed to major record labels these days. It turns out that  a large number of the planets most renowned indie record labels were (or are) actually owned or financed by major companies. All of this makes indie hard to define. But for NAKED the 'indie' label will always describe an artist's spirit and their refusal to follow the crowd and conform to the status quo. It's also about a commitment to defying musical genres and following one's own creativity whilst refusing to prioritise commercialism over its art. Major label artists such as Kate Bush, The Cure and R.E.M. fall neatly into this category, so don't expect NAKED to be all about scratchy guitar bands from the Camden pub cicuit! But we do love that version of indie band too! Hell, NAKED's Simon was one in for a very long time...

NAKED releases will never follow a particular genre but you can be assured that they will always release great records made by exceptional artists.