NAKED Record Club is a young independent company run by Brits and based in the South of France. Simon Parker is a song-writer and musician. His life-long love of music (and in particular his passion for indie music) led to the formation of NAKED Record Club. Simon's love of vinyl can be traced back to when, aged just four years old, he instructed his mother to buy him a copy of T.Rex's 'Ride A White Swan'. By the age of eleven he was paying for his own records and by fourteen he had formed his first band, The Wasps. 

It's accurate to say Simon has devoted his entire life to music. Playing guitar, bass and keyboards he found himself in bands during the late 1980's and throughout the '90's. Signing to various record labels and publishing deals along the way, he remained impressively skint throughout. Diversifying in the early 00's Simon became an author, live music promotor and occasional university music lecturer before forming Vinyl Revolution and NAKED with his partner Rachel Lowe. 

Simon remains an avid record collector and self-professed music junkie who's time is spent either watching, listening to or reading about music. Occasionally, he still writes and records albums. 


Rachel Lowe is Simon's co-founder at NAKED Record Club. She spent her former career working in the corporate world of tech, working in sales and marketing and then set up her own business growth consultancy. Although Rachel and Simon's backgrounds are very different they make a great working team and survive living and working together by wearing headphones whilst sharing an office and drinking lots of wine!!

Simon and Rachel founded NAKED with a dual mission – to release exceptional albums by unique and trailblazing independent artists and to increase usage and awareness of eco-friendly vinyl. A love of music and a desire to protect the planet are long time passions which Simon and Rachel share. Whilst at school, Simon was inspired by CND and later on by Michael Stipe of R.E.M. ecological comments of the late 1980's. Rachel has been a nature lover and conservationist since early childhood with a particular passion for the ocean, where she loves to scuba dive.

NAKED Record Club was initially founded as part of Simon and Rachel’s first joint UK venture Vinyl Revolution. NAKED is now a separate French registered company with its HQ in the beautiful Herault Valley in South West France which Simon, Rachel and Treacle now call home. 

NAKED is far from a 2 man and 1 dog team and has strong support from a team of knowledgeable, passionate and committed friends, advisors, freelancers and commercial partners.