NAKED records fantastic! We can safely claim that they sound at least as good as traditionally made PVC records but many people tell us that they sound better .  There are two reasons for this:
  • NAKED records don't contain toxic chemicals or metals which can detrimentally affect sound quality. NAKED records are pure and so is their sound.
  • NAKED records are always mastered (or re-mastered) for vinyl 

Vinyl records should always sound better than other recorded formats because the sound on vinyl is analogue (rather than digital). Generally speaking, this is much closer to what the artist originally intended for us to hear.

BUT not all vinyl records sound as good as they ought to because some labels (yes, even major ones) save money by pressing digital masters originally created for CD's onto vinyl. This 'squashes' the music so that the listener loses the full range of sound - particularly the top and bottom frequencies). NAKED will never do this! 

All NAKED records are mastered or re-mastered for vinyl.  Some releases are mastered by an engineer whom the artist has personally chosen, but most are mastered by NAKED's engineer of choice, renowned Professor Johanz Westerman.

Vinyl mastering is not the only process which is highly specialised and requires a great deal of expertise. Vinyl pressing is another technical field too. Rest-assured NAKED only works with pressing plants with a great reputation and which we have visited in person!

Last but not least, NAKED checks product quality at every stage of the process. Music masters and vinyl test presses are only ever accepted when we are absolutely satisified with the sound quality.