The shocking truth is that over 99% of new vinyl records contain highly toxic chemicals (including lead and chloride). These records cannot be recycled and take an estimated 1000 years to decompose. To make the situation even worse endless numbers of these records are made in energy guzzling pressing plants with water boilers running 24/7 to help power steam based manufacturing machinery.  None of these plants were designed to manufacture sustainably and the worse offenders not only generate a huge carbon footprint but also fail to properly manage toxic waste which pollutes local environments and sometimes even their staff. 

For more information read this excellent article from The Quietus:

Addicted To Plastic? Eco-Vinyl And The Impact Of Our Listening Habits

NAKED does not use these vinyl pressing plants. All NAKED records are made in a carbon neutral and fully circular vinyl pressing plant called Deepgrooves which is based in the Netherlands.  It is the only pressing plant of its kind and is recognised as 'The Greenest Vinyl Pressing Plant in the World'. All NAKED records are non-toxic and recyclable.

In addition to pressing on eco-friendly vinyl all NAKED record sleeves (and marketing materials) are made from recycled and/or FSC certified card and paper and printed using mineral based non-toxic vegan inks.

At NAKED we are very aware that greenwashing is becoming very common so we do not make supply decisions based on nice marketing. Instead we go to great lengths to check out claims and keep up-to-date with vinyl new innovation. Even in the short time since NAKED was launched there's been some exciting new developments.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.