NAKED Record Club featured in The Quietus

NAKED Record Club in The Quietus' investigation about the true climate cost of the music industry - April 2022

When The Quietus' journalist, music professor and former indie musician, Jono Podmore asked to interview us for his feature Addicted To Plastic? Eco-Vinyl And The Impact Of Our Listening Habits we realised that this wasn't going to be a lightweight page filler.

Jono was passionately invested in his subject and was undertaking research to a depth we hadn't previously encountered. The climate cost associated with listening to music is still a subject about which very little is known and which many industry leaders would prefer to keep that way. We had high hopes that Jono's commitment to his subject would produce something special and we weren't disappointed. In fact, outside of Carl Devine's book Decomposed, Jono's feature is the most in-depth study we have encountered and one which we refer people wanted to learn more about the environmental impact of music to every day.

Click here to read Jono's excellent article for The Quietus


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