NAKED Record Club - 2022 Top 50 Tracks Of The Year

NAKED Record Club - 2022 Top 50 Tracks Of The Year

2022 was a memorable year for NAKED Record Club. Our first albums officially hit the streets and we went from being an embryonic idea to a real thing by the latter part of the year. The music press started to take an interest and when Babybird and Beezewax eco-vinyl left our French HQ for destinations all over the world suddenly we knew we had started something. As 2023 begins we now have releases by Lowgold, The Chesterfields and Stars all signed off and on the production line as I type. 2023 is going to be a very exciting year. Bring it on!

In between overseeing our first 5 eco-press albums we also got to experience to some fantastic music released by the class of  2022. Artists old and new jostled for attention in another musically diverse year. If you aren't a fan of spoliers please go to the bottom of the page where you will find the full Top 50.

But for those who want the commentary read on...

Who would have thought that NAKED's very own THE CHESTERFIELDS would have returned with a brand new album over a quarter of a century from whence they left off! The bands Our Songbird Has Gone is an anthem lamenting those classic indie bands from that golden period of indie pop which NAKED so admires. Nice work chaps! Tracks by Trashcan Sinatras, Half Man Half Biscuit and The Wedding Present added weight to the argument that great indie bands don't die they just write bigger choruses!

But it wasn't only those more established bands that grabbed our attention in 2022, there were lots of new artists also making an appearance. Medway's The Shop Window returned with an excellent second album full of great indie pop whilst Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and Bob Vylan upped the ante in angry and incisive missives from the mean streets of the UK.

Indie music featured right at the top of the national charts in 2022, with Dry Cleaning and Wet Leg two exponents of cool, detached but ultimately very catchy pop tunes. Older hands The National & Bon Iver collaborated on a gorgeous mid-pace grower whilst last year's Top 50 champions (and perenial NAKED faves) Teenage Dads returned with another glorious three minutes in the shape of Exit Sign. Look out also for Little JackieShearwater and Tahiti 80 who all released excellent new records in '22.

NAKED were proud to see Stars return with the sumptuous From Capelton Hill album whilst Julia Jacklin unleashed the beguilling Pre Pleasure . Michael Head (once of Pale Fountains and Shack infamy) returned with his highest chart placing EVER via the ace Dear Scott and once again I found the task of narrowing hundreds of great tunes down to just 50 tracks took some doing!

So with no further adieu here's the Spotify playlist version of NAKED's Top 50 tracks of the year. Enjoy!

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