NAKED co-founder Simon Parker accidentally on national TV in 1995

NAKED co-founder Simon Parker accidentally on national TV in 1995

Many of you will know that NAKED Record Club was co-founded by indie musician Simon Parker. Way back in Christmas 1995 Simon and his Colourburst band mates (Jimmy Portinari and Gary Capelin) decided to have a bit of fun and cover Wham's Last Christmas. The recording of this cover was given away to fans on cassette at an end of year gig in the band's Brighton home town. To accompany the cassette they made a video for a laugh. The video was shot in one take after a fair bit of Christmas brandy had been consumed, particularly by Simon who still claims to this day that it was medicinal because he had a cold!

The band never dreamt that anyone apart from friends and family would see the video but director Steve Brewer had other ideas when he sent it to ITV (one of only 4 UK TV channels at the time) who broadcast it more than once on national late night TV over Christmas. This caused the band more than a little consternation because they hadn't asked Sony for permission to cover the track.

All these years later they seem to have got away with it and like to think that George Michael would approve. Enjoy the film and watch out for Simon's melting chocolate medallion and a surprise cameo appearance by George Michael at the end.

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