NAKED interview with Kenneth Ishak from Beezewax

NAKED interview with Kenneth Ishak from Beezewax

Beezewax are a fantastic Norwegian indie rock band with an extraordinary story. Signed to a record label whilst still at school, the group found themselves catapulted into the 90's underground hardcore scene and toured Europe, Japan and US long before the Norwegian press had even started to catch on.

Simon Parker from NAKED Record Club discusses all of this and more with band leader Kenneth Ishak at the iconic Prince Albert in Brighton, UK in preparation for NAKED's eco-release of 'Oh Tahoe' Beezewax's stunning 3rd album, which is now on vinyl for the very first time to celebrate it's 20th Anniversary.



For those needing a further musical fix, here's our NAKED playlist featuring the 'Oh Tahoe' album in all its glory


And don't forget to check out this ace promo for the gorgeous track 'Brighton Concorde'

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